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   Fluorinated Aromatics
   Phenylboronic Acids
   Other Aromatics
   Other Heterocyclic Compounds
Q1: How can I place an order?
A1: You can place an order by fax, telephone or Email.
Please include the following information when you place an order:
• Your account number, phone number and E-mail
• Your PO# (if necessary)
• Shipping and billing address
• The name of the responsible person
• Catalog number and product name
• Quantities of the product

Q2: What temperature do you recommend for storing temperature-controlled products?
A2: We recommend storage between 0 degree C and 8 degree C for refrigerated items and below 0 degree C for frozen items. However, even if there is no special indication for storage, we recommend keeping products below 15 degree C in a cool, dark place.

Q3: What is the expiry date?
A3: As a principle, there is no expiry date or guarantee time for reagents. Any reagent can have problems as a result of storage conditions or a small amount of impurities. These minor factors can cause unexpected decomposition of the product over time. Therefore, it is difficult for us to create an expiry date for reagents. Please use products promptly upon receipt.

Q4: Why is there a discrepancy between the physical data in the catalog description and actual product?
A4: The physical data in the catalogue, some of which is only from the literature, is for reference. Catalogue data may or may not match with our actual product specification.

Contact Us: If you need to know more about our policy, please contact our office.

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