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Key Words:
   Fluorinated Aromatics
   Phenylboronic Acids
   Other Aromatics
   Other Heterocyclic Compounds
Custom Synthesis
MIC has a broad experience in synthesis of any organic compounds, such as aromatics, pyridines, pyrimidines, and other heterocyclic compounds ranging from grams to kilos. We offer competitive prices, timely delivery and high quality products made to your specifications. We can work with your process under secrecy agreements or we will develop a process that is both cost effective and yields the best. For more information please send email to sales@michemical.com

Products Areas
-Aromatics, including fluorinated aromatics, phenylboronic acids and other aromatics
-Heterocyclic compounds, including pyridines, pyrimidines, thiophens, piperdines, indoles, quinolines, piperazines and other heterocyclic compounds

Main Reactions
- Alkylation
- Bromination
- Chlorination
- Chloromethylation
- Chlorosulphonation
- Condensation
- Cryogenic reactions (-78 deg C)
- Cyclisation
- Dehydration
- Dehydrobromination
- Diazotisation
- Diels-Alder reaction
- Friedel-Crafts reaction
- Grignard reaction
- Hofmann degration
- Lithiation
- Mannich reaction
- Methylation
- Michael addition
- Nitration
- Reductions
- Stecker reaction
- Sulphonation
- Sulphoxidation
- Wolf-Kishner
- Halogenation
- Amination
- Oxidation
- Sulfonation
- Chlorosulfonation
- Acotylation
- Formylation
- Hydroxylation
- Fractional Distillation


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